Charles Biggs
Charles Biggs was born in New York and
raised in Van Nuys, California.  At 21, he
began playing around with keyboards as a
hobby.  A self described "computer geek"  
by trade; he is an established web designer
with vast computer                        
knowledge.  After                           
completing his military                          
career, he decided to                            
remain in the San Luis                        
Obispo area.  In 1999,
accents and
overtones make
and smooth,
which brings
depth to the
Urban 805
sound.  No
matter how you
say it, Charles
Biggs is big on
Charles' influences:                                      
Bob James, Stevie Wonder, Joe Sample,
Prince, Rick James, Barry White and the
                when he came into
                the computer store
                where he was
                working.  His longtime
music hobby was now taking more serious
focus as he joined Moon and Mitch at  the
studio on a regular basis developing his
skills and style.  During this time, he was
involved in several of the early CD
projects.  Charles has a passion for music
and Living life
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