Urban 805
Photo by Lance Kinney @ www.lancekinney.com
Mitch Watts
central coast of California in San
Luis Obispo.  He developed a love
for music at an early age by
receiving an acoustic guitar at age
9.  By age 12, he was on his way
playing an electric guitar in bands
that played the local junior high and
senior high schools.  At age 14, with
a parent of a band member to drive
them, they took 3rd place at the then
famous Rose Garden venue in
Pismo Beach, CA, an experience
that Mitch will never forget.
happened, Mitch
directed his music
love to become a
studio musician,
producing 5 CD's
of original music in various styles with
Moon, his music partner of 28 years.
One of their CD's was placed in a
City of San Luis Obispo time capsule
that will be opened in 100 years.
Mitch has developed high profile
sound systems through Watts Audio
Division which were used in  concert
by the band YES in San Luis Obispo.
He also holds several patents for
automotive items that he has
developed.   Musically, after meeting,
Charles, George, Michael and
Terrance, everything just fell into
place for Urban 805.  Mitch plays
guitar and guitar synthesizer, his
style brings depth and sincerity to the music.  His music
philosophy is that "if you just play one note, make someone feel
it.  Music comes from your soul, not from a book".   Mitch's
influences:  Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Russ Freeman, B.B.
King, and Joe Satriani.  
Mitch in the
studio, laying
down a new
urban 805 lead
track for a song