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Warfus Powell, Jr.
the son of a preacher man in Kansas
City, Missouri.  As one of 9 children, all
strong faith upbringing.  It is  here that
Moon refined his vocal and keyboard
talents.  Growing up, a frequent visitor
to the Powell home was R & B great,
Johnny Taylor.  In 1981, Moon packed
journeyed to California, settling in San
Luis Obispo.  Here he met another
musical soul, Mitch Watts, and the two
have  been creating  music ever
since.   As a talented writer and
musician,  Moon has produced five  
CD's to his credit  with number six on
the way.
In addition, Moon reached out to help
other  musicians achieve their dreams by
helping them to develop their skills as well
assisted with live performances  by Anne
Murray, Kenny G, Lyle Lovett, Marian
McPartland and the group Yes. Over the
keyboards that are set up in the studio.  
Besides being an all around talented
musician, Moon holds a 5th degree black
belt in Kempo Karate.  The all around
musical ability that Moon brings to Urban
805 is immeasurable.  This is one man
who lives and breathes
music.                                         Moon's
Grover Washington, Jr., George
Duke and The Crusaders.
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