Urban 805
Photo by Lance Kinney @ www.lancekinney.com
Terrance Kyer
Born in Louisville, Kentucky,
Terrance Kyer has been playing
drums for 25 years.  Terrance
enjoys playing all genres of music
but his style is mostly funky with a
jazzy edge.  He lives on the central
coast of California and plays with
Urban 805 and also the House Red
Band.  It is not an exaggeration to
say that Terrance makes most
men's arms resemble drum sticks,
as he is also a personal trainer.
Terrance is a one of a
kind drummer and
percussionist, he has a
heart of soul and is the
time keeper of the
band.  His ideas for
new and innovative
rhythms are incredible.
From simple steady
beats to complicated
turn arounds, Terrance
will be in the right spot at the right
time!  He is the finishing touch to
this band.  Always with a smile and
up attitude Terrance is one of the
best drummers playing today!

Terrances Influences:

Carter Beauford of the Dave
Matthews Band and Neal Peart or
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